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  1. Graph Webhooks - include the changed data in the response

    Trying out Webhooks on the Graph beta enpoint for /users and I am missing
    information about what data was changed

    Nowhere to be found is what attributes of the user were changed (i my case "Last name"). This makes the triggers totally unusable for "/users" and I cant really think of anyone who could use this function as is? Sure I know the object was changed but I have no idea WHAT happened and if the change was relevant to my function
    Please tell me there are plans to include the actual changes i the trigger response

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  2. Expose Office API via Swagger.

    OK this is a radical idea from listening to @mkristensen talk about VS.NET tooling and how they are looking at supporting Swagger 2.0 to provide code generation for RESTful APIs in VSNET.

    I looked up Swagger and their online documentation editor, and browser and here's an example!/pet/updatePet

    Which is surprisingly similar to Office 365's

    I think Office 365 documentation on MSDN should still be the primary resource. Any future tie in to API-Sandbox would be awesome.

    But if VSNET starts to support auto-codegen (like the old days with WSDL/Soap Services) from Swagger documentation, then I can also…

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